Gazelle Review: What to Expect When Selling Your Phone

With the abundance of smartphones, tablets, and all the consumer electronics out there, it is no surprise to have one around your house. People upgrade once every couple of years – some every year to meet the latest trends – and there are still perfectly good devices without a home.

Enter Gazelle. Gazelle focuses on buying those used electronics and then reselling them. They carry all of the biggest brands: Samsung, Apple, LG, Google, and more. They have been featured in major media sources such as NBC News, The New York Times, and Good Morning America.

As you may know, I am interested in all types of making money opportunities. But what can you expect when using their service? This review will give you a better idea of how the process works, what customers are saying, and what you need to know before considering their services.

How Gazelle Works –Company Video

In this company video, Gazelle says it specializes in giving new life to your old tech while getting you the best deal around. All from the comfort of your home –you don’t even have to put your pants on.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Gazelle?

Before we get in-depth about Gazelle, let’s start with a 10,000-foot view. What are the pros and cons of using the service?


Customers can save quite a bit by purchasing phones and tablets through Gazelle. The costs are much lower than you would be facing at original retail cost by several hundred dollars. Getting the (almost) latest and greatest is possible through Gazelle.

Even better, they offer a huge array of products for sale. They are also constantly buying to fill their inventory, so there is a good chance that your old device has some level of value that you may not have realized.

The condition of your device matters, too. If you list your device and it is in better condition than listed, Gazelle may offer to increase the original quote. That means more money in your pocket than you would have realized.

Gazelle is also environmentally friendly. In a day and age where eco-consciousness matters, it is just an additional selling point.


There are not too many cons. The biggest may be that they do not offer international shipping, so only customers in North America can use their services. That may change in the future, but for right now, they are restricted.

The other downside is that there may be limitations on the resale ability of some devices. Make sure that you check your device with their selling guidelines before listing it.

What Are Some of the Devices That Can Be Found on Gazelle?

When we say that all of the latest and greatest devices are on Gazelle, that is no exaggeration. Let’s start with the iPhone. Gazelle offers iPhone 11, XS Max, 8, all the way down to the iPhone 6 from carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more.

The conditions can vary widely so pay attention to the item that you choose. Conditions can be flawless all the way down to broken (some like to buy inexpensive iPhones and repair them). You can peruse based on condition requirements through their website.

Gazelle also buys and sells MacBooks of all kinds. From the MacBook to the Air to the Pro, they have several different versions available and accept several other models as well. Generally speaking, they will only accept models from 2015 or later, and it depends on the condition of your MacBook.

The final Apple product that they offer is the iPad. They sell iPads going back to the 3rd generation Pro as well as the Lite versions. When it comes to selling your iPad, they accept a wide variety of offerings, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and more. They may not accept 3rd generation or prior, mostly accepting 4th, 5th, and 6th generation instead.

Gazelle also has some of the latest offerings from LG, Google, Windows, and more. If there is a device from the past five years that you have been looking for, there is a good chance that Gazelle has one in stock.

What Are Customers Saying?

The most important determining factor in the quality of a company is what the customers who have used the service have to say. The good news is that Gazelle has earned mostly positive reviews from its customer base.

For reviews on the phones, customers reported excellent experiences. Even more reassuring, they have an A grade with the Better Business Bureau.

Of the positive comments left, the focus was primarily on the ease and quickness of the transactions as well as the overall ease of selling devices. Customers also feel that they get more than anticipated when selling their devices, leading to a happier overall customer experience.

The only negative comments primarily revolved around shipping. That said, delays have been experienced across the country in all formats, so it may not necessarily be an issue with Gazelle as much as it is with the postal service.

Promotions and Discounts

Gazelle offers a rewards system, which is a big hit with their customer base. Customers who sign up get 100 points just for doing so and collect a point for every dollar that the device they sell is worth. Buyers can also earn points by connecting with the company through their social media channels.

There is also a $20 credit available by trading in used electronics. There are also some promotions where customers can get up to 20% off certain devices and free standard shipping.

How To Determine Your Device’s Condition with Gazelle

Watch this video if you are considering selling a used device and want to understand how much it is worth. Gazelle shows you how they determine the condition of your device.

Is Gazelle’s Tech Worth it?

For the vast majority of devices they sell, there does not seem to be a significant decline in quality or condition. Gazelle’s entire purpose is to bring consumer electronics to the public at much more affordable rates.

Giving customers the option to sell their old devices allows them to keep up to date with some of the latest and greatest in technology without taking out a loan to do so. Their website is organized, easy to follow, and offers transparency about the price range for each item or model.

Simply put, hundreds of thousands of customers speak to the quality of Gazelle as a trustworthy buyer and seller of consumer electronics.

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