Income Reports

This page contains all Finance Notebook quarterly income reports since January 2020. These reports show a detailed analysis of the income I have earned each quarter.

Why I Publish These Reports

There are many blogs out there talking about how you can make money. Just a few of them actually show proof that the blogger himself/herself tested the money-making opportunities they talk about. As they say, talk is cheap and the internet is full of empty and untrustworthy talk.

Finance Notebook is different. I will do my best to test and seriously research every topic I talk about. In addition to these quarterly reports, I have set up an Income Rules and Goals page to keep myself accountable for what I do. I also have a page showing the total income earned from the beginning I have made since the beginning. The main goal of these pages is to openly track progress and build trust.

I hope that these reports inspire and help you find your own way to become an entrepreneur. Please click the link of the quarter to see the income details for that quarter.

2020-Quarterly Reports

2021-Quarterly Reports

Site #2 – Home & Garden Niche

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