What is the Path to Financial Independence?

In this video, The Most Honest Advice About Getting Rich, Dr. John Frederick Demartini lays out the path to financial independence. Only 1% or less of the population achieves financial independence, so that means 99% don’t follow the path that can make them independent.

True financial independence can only be achieved when you eliminate your guilt and shame about being rich, serve other people and live by your highest values.

These are the main points Dr. Demartini makes:

Dissolve Your Own Shame and Guilt

Many people don’t try hard enough in their life because of feelings of guilt and shame.

You need to analyze the reasons why you think you don’t deserve to be financially independent.

There is no reason to feel guilt and shame about becoming financially independent when you do it the right way.

The only way to truly be rich (emotionally and financially) is to serve others, which is a noble aspiration. Helping others should make you feel very proud, not guilty or shameful.

Stop Thinking About Money and Start Thinking About Serving People

In the study, The Motivation to Serve Others: Exploring Relations to Career Development. Journal of Career Assessment, Duffy, R. D., & Raque-Bogdan investigated the relationship between students’ motivation to help others and career success.

The study shows that thinking of serving others makes young adults more motivated and focused on their goals. The authors write that “It may be that viewing one’s career, in part, as a way to make a difference in society gives students added drive to meet their future career goals.

You are not going to be truly wealthy unless you serve other people, and if you’re not dedicated to helping people, you have a fantasy we call wealth.

When you serve others, you create wealth, not just for you but for every person you help.

When you serve people well, many other benefits follow, including money. To achieve real wealth, you need to think of not taking from people but giving to people.

Live Your Life by Your Highest Values

There are a lot of people beating themselves up for no reason. Anytime you set goals that are not aligned with your highest values, you are not likely to achieve them, you will probably give up on them and think there’s something wrong with you.

You need to be able to find something that serves other people, but whatever you do also has to be meaningful to you. If you find those two, you’ve got your niche; now you’ve got what you would love to get up in the morning and do.

So if you are an entrepreneur that’s working in a business and you found what is most meaningful to you, you have found what Warren Buffett describes as “the tap dance to work” energy.

Any individual that sets goals that are in line with his/her highest values has the highest probability of being spontaneously inspired in the morning to get up and do it.

When you do this, you’re the most resilient, most adaptable to pain and pleasure. When you go down the list of values to lower values, you’re less inspired, less fulfilled by doing, and you procrastinate. What happens is that you’ll only do them if it’s fun, and if it’s not, you’ll give up.

As a result, you won’t build momentum and perseverance towards accomplishing your goals.

When you don’t live by your highest values, you are likely to become a victim of history instead of master of your destiny.

Why do we Procrastinate?

Procrastination is a result of three primary things:

  • It’s an unclear vision: you have not defined a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goal.
  • It is an unchunked vision: you are taking on too big a chunk without bringing it down to small enough bytes that you can go and get it done and
  • It’s not linked to your highest values: it may be something important for others, even for humanity, but it is not something that you care about.

Don’t Confuse Motivation With Inspiration

If you are not living by your highest values, you are likely to do things only when they are fun, and you give up when they are painful. That is, you will need motivation all the time.

Motivation is not a solution is a symptom.

Motivation is a stimulus coming from the outside that persuade you to take action.

Inspiration is an internal driving force that propels you into action.

People that haven’t found that highest value need constant motivation, and only pleasure keeps them going.

Inspired people can achieve great things.

Set up Realistic Expectations and Goals

The wisest thing to do is to start with simple goals that you can achieve and train yourself to do. When you train yourself to do what you say, your piggy banks become big, your little action steps become significant accomplishments.

If you set goals that are truly meaningful to you, you only have to start breaking them down into small enough bites. Then, keep doing things and keep rewarding yourself. By accomplishing immediate steps you’ll end up manifesting things because you just strategize your way into the bigger game.

You will Have ups and Downs

People who think they’re going to be positive all the time are delusional. Just like a magnet, it has two sides; you also have two sides, and the more you’ve set up a fantasy that has only one side, the more you get depressed when it doesn’t match your fantasy.

How do you Find your Highest Values

Dr. Demartini believes that the easiest way to determine your values is by looking at your life and identifying what you are actually doing.

By asking these questions:

What do you fill your physical space with (at home and work)? Things that are not important to you are usually not in your space. Things that are really important, you want them around you. The closer the proximity, the more valuable they are.

How do you spend your time? If you are working 60 hours a week at work, that is important. But does that represent security or something you look forward to doing? And if you are not there those hours; maybe you are with your children, then that’s what’s important to you. You need to understand how you spend your time. You always make time for things that are important to you and run out of time for things that are not.

What are you disciplined about and focused? How do you gain energy? When you do something really valuable to you, you gain energy instead of feeling drained. What is it that energizes you, and what is it that you always find energy for.

Where do you spend most of your discretionary money? You don’t spend money on things that you don’t value, but you always find money for things that are important to you. That determines what you value.

If you look and find the common threads to those questions, it will narrow down to what you are dedicated to and what you spontaneously can’t wait to get up in the morning and do.

The Most Honest Advice About Getting Rich

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