Is Wrapify Worth it?

In the past few months, I have been on the lookout for ways to make money while I am on the go, whether in the car or even walking. You may be following my positive progress with Field Agent and may have read my bad experience with Coin.

Wrapify is one of those companies offering an easy way to make money by doing very little. Many people are skeptical when it comes to this type of opportunity. It just sounds too good to be true.

Before going deeper into the subject, you should know that Wrapify is a legit company. Joining the platform is quite easy, and so is the wrapping process after you accept an offer.

If you are expecting to get a lot of money with this, you are in the wrong place. Wrapify is a good option for earning some cash on a side while having some other steady income.

Same as similar platforms, Wrapify has pros and cons. So let’s go over some of the details.

What is Wrapify?

Founded in 2015, Wrapify is a company connecting car owners with advertisers. The basic idea behind this business model is to financially alleviate car ownership for drivers ready to wrap their cars in different brand names. On the other hand, it enables other companies to have multiple mobile “billboards.”

Wrapify has quickly become very popular, and it is still growing. One of the reasons for rapid growth was enabling companies like Uber to be a part of their platform.

Wrapify is operational in multiple big US cities, and they are still expanding. Some famous and large brands are using their services. Similar companies exist on the market, but Wrapify is one of the most popular and well-known.

Wrapify markets itself as an ad tech platform powered by the gig-economy. A big company’s strategy is to continuously work on implementing technology innovations and geographic data into its platform and providing superior service to beat the competition.

For the Wrapify app users, various bonus earning options are available. By directly communicating with advertisers, drivers can accept or decline different offers.

Get Paid To Drive With Wrapify-Company Video

This a Wrapify company’s video targeting drivers.

How do you make money with Wrapify?

Some people think that they will wrap their cars and earn by driving anywhere. It is not that simple. Campaign earnings are restricted to certain areas.

The advertiser sets a specific area for his/her campaign. The majority of those areas are up to 50 miles in diameter around selected cities or towns.

Compensation is calculated according to the number of miles driven, as well as the time of a day and the number of people present on the streets at that time. There are also different zones within specific areas. And if you drive all day long, unfortunately not all miles will be paid. It is usually between 25 and 35 miles that do get paid.

If you are considering this side-business, make sure you carefully read all the fine print and avoid disappointment and confusion.

How much money can you make with Wrapify?

According to Wrapify’s official website, you can earn from $190 for lite coverage, up to $450 for full coverage per month. When signing up and creating your profile, you have to choose between different coverage options. If you wrap your whole car, earnings are going to be significantly higher.

The majority of regular users earn about $200 a month. It is not a lot of money, but you do not have to do much to get it. For those living in large cities, income will be higher than for those in rural areas.

Another option for extra profit is accepting offers from advertisers, such as ones to park in a particular spot or drive trough a specific street. In that case, you are going to get a little extra money.

How do you sign up for Wrapify?

If you are a driver who wants to earn some extra cash by wrapping your car, start by downloading the Wrapify app to your smartphone. After that, there are a few more steps before your car can be wrapped up;

  • Start driving your regular daily routes. After 50 qualifying miles, you may get an offer.
  • Check the offer and accept it if you like.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions and give basic background information.
  • Take pictures of your car. You must include both sides, front and back.
  • Make a wrapping appointment by choosing one of the proposed locations and setting a specific date and time.
  • Be there on time and get your car wrapped.

After that, you can drive away and start earning money. It is a simple process, especially for those driving the same route every day.

To qualify for this gig, you must own a car made in 2010 or newer. The car should not have visible damage. There are some additional rules you can have an answer for in Wrapify FAQ page

Background information is necessary as they need to check your driving record. It does not have to be perfect, but numerous offenses are a dealbreaker.

Another important information is that you can have only one car participating in campaigns. There is no option that one user can have multiple cars.

Is Wrapify legit?

Wrapify is legit. And according to many users, their associates do a decent job when wrapping a car. There are no complaints about damaging car paint when removing the wrap.

Many people have concerns when it comes to companies like this because they have heard stories about car wrapping offers from suspicious clients posting ads on unverified websites (more on that below.) Wrapify is not one of those.

Payments are deposited in time and according to your mile coverage. Campaigns last up to 6 months, and you do not have to pay anything to Wrapify, including wrapping/unwrapping your car. There are some penalties if you decide to terminate the contract before the designated date.

How do you Get Paid and is There an Affiliate Program Available?

Getting paid is a simple process. Payments are processed every other Friday, and few working days after, you will receive it. Money is automatically deposited into your bank account. Bank account details are a part of your profile, and you must enter valid information to get paid.

Luckily, this process is not connected to the problematic app (more details in the next paragraphs), so deposits are regular. However, some users say their mileage was not calculated right and that the amount received was insufficient.

Currently, Wrapify does not have an affiliate/referral programs for drivers. According to the company, they are working on that, and it may be available in the future.

Issues with the App and Other Concerns

Wrapify seems to have a significant problem with its App. Most of the bad reviews out there are pointing to the App.

According to many, it does not calculate the mileage correctly.

That is a problem for people who recently signed up as it may not accurately calculate driving test miles. That problem may result in not getting any offers. It is also a potential problem once you have accepted a campaign as it may underestimate your income.

As a company that likes to point out its technical innovation, Wrapify did not do a good job with the App.

Also, you may wait for weeks/months to even get an offer after signing up.

Another problem is that most people driving regular routes try to avoid most congested roads and areas usually targeted by advertisers. And if you work in a particular area, while driving home, or vice versa, you will probably take the shortest route, and at least a part of it won’t be in the designated area to get paid. All that causes a drop in your Wrapify income.

Wrapify Tutorial

Since I haven’t had a chance to test Wrapify myself, I found a good 11 minute tutorial video by an actual driver who has completed several campaigns. I think you’ll find this useful if you are considering giving Wrapify a try.

Avoid the Car Wrap Scam

A word of caution about car wrap scams out there: Wrapify is not a scam, but some crooks may reach out to you, pretending to be Wrapify or other legitimate companies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a page on how to spot a car wrap scam.

The video below goes over a consumer who almost fell for the scam. You may want to watch it to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

Ratings and Conclusion

Overall Rating for Wrapifyβ˜…β˜…β˜…β€“β€“

Unfortunately, I am not a good candidate for Wrapify since I don’t have a consistent commute and don’t live in a big metropolitan area. So, this review is only based on research.

In the end, it is up to you and your personal preference. Wrapify is a legit company, but common sense tells you that earnings will probably be less than advertised but it is money earned while driving around. You can also increase your income by accepting offers from advertisers to park and drive in specific locations.

In my opinion, it is worth a try. The worst thing that can happen is not to get any offers and to lose a few minutes on installing the App and setting up your profile. And if you start earning, it may be enough to cover your gas expenses. Based on this research, my rating is 3 stars out of 5 stars.


➀ Earning while commuting
➀ Possibility to choose car coverage from lite to full
➀ Easy sign-up process
➀ On-time payments


➀ Lower earnings than advertised
➀ Long waiting for an offer
➀ Limited miles that can be paid

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